Nov 12, 2018
News - 1st Edition of our Newsletter

Main goals of SAFER project

The main goal of SAFER project is to prevent, encourage reporting and combat gender-based violence (GBV) against children.
The consortium’s efforts focus in fostering a systematic approach in cultivating life skills, building healthy relationships, adopting and maintaining values, (such as, respect, justice) and increasing resilience and personal strength.
The project aims at sensitizing and increasing awareness of primary school teachers, students, parents and relevant stakeholders regarding GBV.

In anticipation of the project’s implementation, all the partners of the consortium will have provided teachers with relevant important materials enabling them to discuss about GBV in their classroom, to challenge existing gender stereotypes and to ultimately prevent GBV.

First Steps:

    Designing and developing a survey
    Data collections from questionnaires/interviews and Focus Groups with primary teachers, students, principals and policy makers
    Statistical analysis of results in every country
    Comparative analysis of all countries' results

Next Steps:

    Development of Training and Educational Package for teachers
    Pilot all materials and exchange good practices among the trainers and teachers

Awareness Raising activities:

    Development of Cartoon
    Development of Short Video
    Various Raising Awareness Events