May 12, 2019
2nd Edition of our Newsletter – April 2019

The SAFER project aims mainly to sensitize and increase primary school teachers’, students’, parents’ and relevant stakeholders’ awareness about Gender Based Violence (GBV).

Based on the theoretical framework of positive psychology, the SAFER training materials focus on the development of life and social skills and healthy relationships, on the cultivation of character strengths and values, and on the enhancement of young students’ resilience and personal strengths.

Development of SAFER Training and Educational Package

All SAFER consortium partners*, are developing an innovative training package for primary school teachers and school staff, aiming to raise awareness of gender sensitive pedagogy and gender stereotypes, and how these stereotypes contribute directly or indirectly to incidents of GBV.

The training package together with interested teachers from primary schools and the teachers will thus be informed about the strategies, tools and activities that they can use within their classrooms. The training package incorporates the theoretical and practical aspects of four distinct modules. These are:

  • Gender Sensitive Pedagogies,
  • Resilience,
  • Character Education
  • Life Skills.

Training among the Partners of the Consortium

During the 3rd Consortium Meeting in Cyprus (held on the 11th and 12th of March, 2019) all consortium partners had the opportunity to discuss and review the theoretical background of the SAFER topics and activities that are included in each module. During the meeting, feedback was provided by each partner for possible editing of the materials.

The educational material package will be finalised following the successful completion of the pilot trainings, based on the trainings’ evaluation and comments of the participants.

Upcoming activities:

  • Training of Teachers in primary schools in each participating country. Piloting of all materials and exchange of good practices among the trainers and teachers. For more information, please contact the responsible contact in the corresponding country.
  • Launching the SAFER Animation Movie
  • Finalizing and Promoting our SAFER Short Video
  • Finalizing and Promoting the SAFER mobile application

Stay tuned for our Raising Awareness Events (September 2019 – December 2019):

  • Event for Teachers, Parents and Students
  • Event for Policy makers and relevant Stakeholders