Oct 16, 2019
Fourth meeting of partners of the European Program SAFER

The fourth and final consortium meeting of the SAFER project took place in Vilnius, Lithuania on the 16th and 17th of October, 2019

The partners from Cyprus (SPAVO, Institute of Development and GrantXpert Consulting), Ireland (ICEP - Europe), Lithuania (Vilnius University), Greece (HAPPSY), Ιtaly (CESIE) and UK (YouAct) provided great input to ensure the success of the meeting. During the meeting, the SAFER partners discussed all the final tasks for the project's completion.

The constructive collaboration of all partners has been proven by the successful completion of all activities in each country reaching to the proposed milestones and objectives of the project.
Raising Awareness events will be now organized in each country (during the period of November 2019 - January 2020) to inform and educate the public about the issue of Gender Based Violence.