Sep 04, 2019
Children fun festival and Event for parents

Implementing the action for families “Social and Emotional Competences of a Child: How to promote them without Gender Stereotypes?” children fun festival and event for parents was held in Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre in 4th of September 2019 starting a new school year. 

Seminar for parents on "Gender Stereotypes and Their Impact on Children: What Should Parents Know?" was provided by child and adolescent psychiatrist Linas Slušnys. How to raise children without gender stereotypes? How to ensure equal opportunities for children to grow up and express themselves safely? These and other issues of concern to parents and life situations were discussed so that parents were aware of gender-based violence and could assist their children when needed.

The children explored the topic by participating in various interactive activities: Painting on Water (EBRU), T-shirt Printing, Art workshop “Removing Pink Glasses”, Experiential Seminar “We all are different – be yourself!”, an interactive survey of gender stereotypes: who - boys or girls – are physically stronger, more sensitive, caring, disciplined and likes to compete more.