Nov 07, 2018
Second meeting of partners of the European Program SAFER

On the 6th and 7th November, the second meeting of partners of the European Program SAFER took place in Maynooth, Ireland.
During the meeting, quantitative and qualitative research results of Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Lithuania on gender based violence were presented and discussed in depth. Moreover, discussions involved the next steps around the development of the educational prevention and intervention material which is expected to be utilized by the primary school teachers, within their classrooms aiming to create awareness among students on gender related issues.

During the current research phase of the programme, primary school principals and teachers were very willing to participate aiming to identify the educational gaps related to gender based violence issues. Also, policymakers greatly assist in this process in order to build a better understanding around the social-economic implications of this issue.

The strong collaboration and input of all consortium partners is considered a very crucial factor for the success of the project. The partners are: from Cyprus (SPAVO, Institute of Development and GrantXpert Consulting), from Ireland (ICEP - Europe), from Lithuania (Vilnius University), from Greece (HAPPSY), from Ιtaly (CESIE) and from UK (YouAct).